With seven Euros now on the Dream Tour, Australia and the USA are coming to grips with Europe as a major force in surfing, DC has known all along that major talent lies in the Old Country, backing such talents as Marc Lacomare, Joan Duru and Patrick Bevan. DC thought it was time you got to meet three phenomenal surfers from France.

Marc Lacomare Birth date: 04/07/1990 Birthplace: Toulouse, France Resides: Capbreton, France Height: 180 cm Weight: 77 kg How long you've been riding: 11 years Year got sponsored: 8 Other Sponsors: Oakley, Channel Island Music: Lil Wayne, The Game … Favorite movies: Gladiators Favorite food: Sushi Favorite video game: WII Top 3 activities besides Surf riding: tennis, golf, motocross Video appearances: catalyst, Euroforce Top 5 competition achievements: 3rd Narrabeen, 3rd Vendee pro, 2nd Global Challenge Surf influences: Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds Top 3 Non-Surf Influences: Tiger Woods, Roger Federrer Best thing about Surf: surfing perfect waves Worst thing about Surf: flat Best place to ride: Graviere, Mentawai Thank you to… My Parents, friends, family, sponsors

Patrick Beven

Birth date: 12/06/1978 Birthplace: Rio Resides: Capbreton, France Height: 160 cm Weight: 76 kg How long you've been riding: 13 years Year got sponsored: 7 years Other Sponsors - Music: DMX, Bob Marley, Metallica Heroes: Annick Beven Favorite movies: Mohammed Ali Favorite word: Hawaii Favorite food: Salad Favorite video game: Street Fight Favorite Surf mag: Surfing Favorite trick: Holly Up Top 3 activities besides Surf riding: Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Video appearances: Catalyst Top 5 competition achievements: Quiksilver Pro Top 5 media achievements: Video Surf influences: Andy Irons Top 3 Non-Surf Influences: Arona, Federrer, Pierre Agnes Inspirations: Yoga Favorite article of clothing: Shoes, Jogging, boardshort Best thing about Surf Worst thing about Surf Best place to ride: Mentawaii Worst place to go: Afghanistan Thank you to… My Brother Miky, Pierre, Mimi

Joan Duru

Birth date: 25/04/1989 Birthplace: Bayonne, France Resides: Ondres, France Height: 178 cm Weight: 82 kg How long you've been riding: 11 years Year got sponsored: 9 Other Sponsors: Quiksilver, Pukas Music: NTM, Sinik, 50cent Heroes: Rocky Favorite movies: Gladiator Favorite word: Parfait! Favorite food: my grand mother's food Favorite video game: don't like Favorite Surf mag: Surf Session Favorite trick: Air Reverse Top 3 activities besides Surf riding: Moto, Snow, Tennis Top 5 competition achievements: 1st WSQ Vendee 2009, European Junior Champion, and French Champion Surf influences: Tom Curren Top 3 Non-Surf Influences: Nadal Inspirations: Dane Reynolds Best thing about Surf: to be alone in the nature Best place to ride: Capbreton Worst place to go: Newquay Thank you to… Family, friends, sponsors