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Surfing and London's Shoreditch, like Bobby Martinez and microphones, don't always mix. But this weekend, in amongst the Chinese fashionistas, the Soho Club media types and the just right art director beards, Looking Sideways is putting on aN exhibition of ten of boardsport's most innovative artists. Guys like Ben Allen, Will Barras, Pete Fowler, French, Michael C. Hsiung, Tim Karpinski, Phil Morgan, Schoph, Corey Smith and Owen Tozer have all created unique one off pieces for #LookingSidewaysLondon

Artist Scoph summed it up when he said, "The opportunity to exhibit at a show where all the artists still shred, surf or skate makes sense. The line up is brilliant as well, with such a diverse range of styles."

The exhibition is  at 71a Gallery in London’s Shoreditch, from today to Sunday,  12-6. To find out more about the show, buy new work or find out more about the Looking Sideways project, check out

Below is a sneak preview. If you are in London, trim the beard, iron the chinos, smash a double skinny flatwhite and get inspired.

Tim Karpinksi and "It's Complicated."
Will Barras - PAN_AM