This week on Jed and Vaughan's awesome radio show Ain't That Swell:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot gives US president Barack Obama a malibu. Well, isn't that just dandy. Now we can all just ride off into the sunset "sharing the stoke," as it were. NOT ON JED SMITH AND VAUGHAN DEAD'S FUCKING WATCH! It will be a cold day in the Mentawais when we accept soap dodging politicians into the fold. SCAB! SCAB! SCAB!

Surfing in Alaska: eating seal and "shitting black," as Alex Gray puts it, and scoring mind-boggling tubes along the freezing arctic frontier.

De Passage: the Reef surfing film that left me rock hard and confused.

Texas Walker Ranger comes to the Gold Coast to clean the scum from the Superbank.

This week's Classic Moment takes us to the Banzai Pipeline for Californian Joey Buran's breakthrough victory in 1984.

And we finish up with pro surfing's rich list. Who is the best paid surfer in the world? We gotta say we didn't see this coming.