This month the MAVRK mids are subject to the process. Nike 6.0 US surfers were asked to think about a shoe colour way that represents their top spot – that turned out to be none other than Barra de Navidad in Mexico.

The shoe is a representation of Barra – the rough top has the texture and colour of the rocks at the bay, with the same colour as the ocean (complete with flex). The laces give a nod to the surfers second favourite activity there – sand boarding down the dunes, with a colourway that sees gold threaded through white.

The MAVRK mids also add a pinch of the Mexicana influence – with flashes of red throughout and textures that feel a little like the infamous Mexican sombreros!

This sneaker is one of the most exclusive Nike have released to date so those wanting a little taste of Barra need to get to Route One stores sharpish. For more information on the Nike 6.0 team go to, for more information on the MAVRK mid Quickstrike please go to