Photos: Vincent Kardazik

Once again Europe's heavy water hellmen were faced with the tough decision of whether to go Nazaré, Belharra or Mullaghmore this past weekend. As if surfing giant life-taking surf isn't enough of a challenge, a lot of the guys don't actually know where they're gonna to be surfing right up until the last minute. They'll be looking at the swell, winds, tides right up until the day before, have flights pre-booked but only make the call last thing.

With the first lot of eye candy coming through this time it looks like Mullaghmore got one up on Nazaré and Belharra. The first day was the biggest and meanest of the weekend, with 40 to 50 feet faces, snow, rain and crazy strong winds - but locals have been calling it the best day of the winter so far. Sunday then saw skies clear up, winds turn lighter and a super low tide offer plenty barrel action. Hooking up with local chargers Cain Kilcullen and Paul O'Kane for some Mully drainers, Sancho is rumoured to have snagged a bunch of the bombs. Stay tuned for video coverage due tomorrow!