Keala Kennely at Teahupoo

Keala Kennely at Teahupoo

"I thought I had a good line and was gonna pull it. Then the thing went mutant. The west bowl bent at a 45 degree angle at me right as the bottom dropped out and that thing swallowed me faster than a Tijuana prostitute..." So said Keala Kennelly of what was almost certainly the most ridiculously heavy wave ever ridden by a female surfer, and there's not much more for us to add.

Except maybe this: "How dare u!!! We don't have ANY prostitutes here in Tijuana!" wrote one commenter in response the Facebook status. To which Kennelly, one of surfing's very few high-profile, openly gay athletes, replied: "Shit! You mean I didn't have to pay that chick??? Man.. note to self. LOL." Which makes us love her even more.

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