Cluster, Kai Neville's latest full-length movie, featuring Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Dion Agius, Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson, Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart, Brendon Gibbens, Conner Coffin, Dillon Perillo, Ryan Callinan, Mitch Coleborn and Taj Burrow, is available to buy online now. In fact it's been available for about a week, but we've only just got around to telling you about it. Who's got the best part? We conducted a straw poll after the European premiere the other day, and then got so drunk we forgot the results, but I seem to remember Jack Freestone coming out on top.

You can watch the trailer below, but it doesn't give all that much away, so if you're still undecided there's a short film of bonus European footage that you can watch here for free. It's rad, no? What's also rad is this wipeout compilation of all the shit they ate and the airs and turns they almost made but didn't quite. And raddest of all is the full movie, which can be bought from Vimeo, below, or from iTunes, here.