The first webisode in the Landscape Altered series goes live on kustomairstrike.com on 15 April and features surfers Mitch Coleborn, Clay Marzo, Jay Davies, Josh Kerr and Chippa Wilson.

The surfers were taken to Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands in a trip designed to push the limits of progressive surfing and capture on film the most innovative aerial surfing manoeuvre ever.

The best punts will be entered in the Kustom Airstrike competition, an annual eight-month quest to document and reward the most progressive aerial manoeuvre.

The winner of Kustom Airstrike receives a US$50,000 cash bounty, the richest single-move prize in world surfing. Eligible rides have to be surfed and entered in the period from 1 January to 31 August 2010, with the winner announced in September.

“We got some great waves up there and the boys were flying around all week," said Neville, whose Modern Collective project branded him as one of world surfing’s emerging film talents.

“Everyone pushed it for sure. So many boards got buckled that we lost count, and everyone put their bodies on the line for a chance at the USD $50,000. Both Clay and Mitch tweaked their knees pretty badly, and Jay landed an air so hard on the last day that he snapped his board clean underneath him, and tore his ankle so hard that he ended the trip in a wheel chair".

“The first of the webisodes goes live on the Kustom Airstrike website on 15 April and it will start to show just how hard the boys went. I think over the course of the Landscape Altered series you’ll see some Airstrike entries emerge for sure."

Webisode Numero Uno:

Landscape Altered - Episode 1 from Kai Neville