The San Sebastian Amstel Surf Film Festibal is pleased to present an event they have organised in Mundaka for this Saturday, September 3rd, within the frame of their project to support surf culture on the Cantabric Sea: The Amstel Surfari.

Denevan’s work is a true environmental manifesto, which will be dragging everybody’s attention to the sand, to the wonderful natural formation of the river-mouth that allows this wave to break, a unique jewel on our coastline.

He will start drawing around 10,30 am, and he will finish at low tide at 14,58. The majestic work will start to disappear the moment it is finished, covered by the rising tide, vanishing completely at high tide.

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Self-taught chef, surfer and artist.

Jim Denevan is one of the greatest exponents of the movement called "Land Art". He

works with natural materials to create massive scale drawings in sand, ice, and soil. His

sculptures are not placed in the landscape, rather, the landscape is the means of their

creation. Often aerial photography or video is needed to comprehend the final work.

Jim Denevan has chosen the Urdaibai estuary for his next intervention in the Basque

Country, on Saturday September 3.


Mr Denevan discovered his talent for sand art when he idly picked up a stick and drew a 12ft long fish.

The practice has led Jim to develop the skill to compose geometric shapes with extraordinary precision, based on rules and accurate measurements. However, Jim seeks to create in his interaction with the environment, the freedom of moves, and the expression of the elements in the area where they are created, giving way to emerging forms and personalities.

Denevan's interaction in Mundaka is part of the project to support our surf culture, presented by The Amstel Surfari, and developed by Amstel Surfilmfestibal.

An image that will be spread all over the world. as Jim will be performing in the magical Urdaibai, a Biosphere Reserve, on the sand bar that gives life to one of the best waves in Europe, and one of the top 10 waves in the world. The estuary of Mundaka is a unique and fragile ecosystem, and the work of Jim Denevan is going to become a true environmental manifesto.