[mpora_video id='KHpfwpSMO'] Shaping boards in Europe every year at the French UWL factory (close La Rochelle).

Jeff McCallum of McCallum Surfboards started working on surfboards since 2001 and has since shaped around 1600 boards. He first started sweeping up and packing boards for Chris Christenson, working for him for over three years where he learned every aspect of board building.

He now shapes all his boards by hand, in-house, under his roof. Until about four years ago, he did every step himself. He has since inherited and collected a team with more than 100 plus years of surfboard manufacturing. He builds 6 boards per week, all by hand, with a focus on quality, not quantity.

His major influences are Chris Christenson, Skip Frye, William Riedel, Larry Crow, Bob Simmons, and George Greenough.

For more information about his visit to France go to: www.mccallumsurf-france.com

Famous Australian shaper/surfer/musician Neal Purchase Jr is also due to visit the UWL Factory in October.

Neal Purchase Jnr is an incredibale gifted Australian, musician, shaper and surfer, famous for his part in the surf movie Glass Love with his backside style and his long barells at Kirra.

Neal is a talented shaper, master of the fins, offering you the opportunity to ride his designs that he has developped with famous riders such as Dave Rastovich, Dane Peterson or Harrison Roach.

"Just some love, a planer, a saw, a surform and some blanks..."

For more info visit: www.nealpurchasedesigns-france.com