Jamie O’Brien and Kalani Chapman rode 7 foot softboards (see image below). Locals Albee Layer and Shaun Walsh threaded monster tubes. Keala Kennely charged backside and there was around 50 surfers collectively riding 500 feet of fibreglass. Yep Jaws broke on Friday Jan 17, for the first time in 2014, and to say it was well documented is an understatement. Here’s the best pics floating around the web. Just a taster mind you, as another bigger swell is due to arrive later this week. The Eddie has the potential to run and Jaws could go huge. As always, stay tuned.

"I dunno, I just really wanted to do it, and we were filming it for our show, and we got it done. It was just for shits and giggles, and we got it done on a nice, clean, fun day at Jaws." Jamie O, said later.
Albee Layer pushing the boundaries.
And the wave from above. Credit Rimfire photography
Keala Kennelly, ovaries to the wall.


Shaun Walsh and the wave of the day. Photo Ricci



Aussie Mark Visser gets points for backside effort and the day's biggest hashtag