Wanting to know what the forecast was looking like for the rest of the J-Bay waiting period we caught up with Wavescape.co.za, official forecaster for the big wave event at Dungeons, for a more reliable idea:


THURSDAY: A new swell will begin to build Thursday but initially accompanied by unfavourable winds. The swell should reach the region of 6-foot plus by the end of the day.

FRIDAY: Coming out of the north west, further unfavourable ‘Devil winds' will plague the lineup at J-Bay. The swell will continue to build up into the 8-foot region, with strong winds attaining 80km/h.

SATURDAY: Will be the day! J-Bay ‘as good as it gets’. Straight west winds will provide perfect offshore conditions for Supertubes, while a 15-second swell interval from a slightly more southerly angle will deliver an easy 8-foot on the sets if not bigger. J-Bay struggles to handle anything bigger, paddling out through the keyhole should prove challenging to say the least so it's possible jet-ski assist is called into play.

SUNDAY: The swell will begin to drop but we should see another day of great conditions!

Might we see a green light for the Big Wave World Tour leg in Cape Town? The peak of the swell is due to hit Saturday and should be in the 20-foot plus region, which is big enough, but the ASP won't be running events simultaneously. However, another powerful low set to light up Dungeons next Thursday could see the event run.

Matt Bromley making the drop at Cape Town's other big wave spot, Sunset, a few hundred metres from Dungeons. Photo: Alan Van Gysen/Monster Energy