Having won SIMA Campaign of the Year for 'Dead Modern', the stakes were high, but Insight never fails to impress... Welcome 'ZOUP'. This campaign sees surf, skate and fashion all propelled into a visual fantasy made lovingly (and painfully) by the dedicated Insight art team. Insight don’t use tricks; the images you see are all the result of months of effort to realize a vision. When Steve Gorrow said he was off to Bali for 'work', the Insight guys were all pretty much sure he’d scammed a month in the sun with five days of shooting. Then the images returned and impressive is too small a word. Mountain high (literally) art installations provide the setting for surf stars including Luke Stedman (Aus), Kai Otton (Aus), Warren Smith (USA), Jared Mell (USA), Jason Apparicio (FR) and Icah Wilmot and The Jamaican Team (Jam). Steve G and helpers laboured for weeks creating the images you see. Those arms in the ocean are real, the face on the cliff edge real, the feats of the surfers all real.

Strange items were appearing in the warehouse: toy cars, bunny heads, every post-it note disappeared from the building and two tonnes of paper rubbish landed on the doorstep. Just as the council was called and the cops rolled in, Fraser and the team pulled their arses into gear and took the mess to places out of the public eye. The result is a series of images all worth the sweat and toil. They learnt that skating in paint and landing a gap built by human bodies doesn’t always make for smooth shooting, but hey, can you put a price on art?

Check the teaser here.

View the full campaign at www.insight51.com