Damo Hobgood checks in with Chris Cote to talk about his and CJ's up-coming feature-length documentary project, which the twins have been crowd-funding for (still a month to go with a total budget goal of $80,000).

The film is set to expose the siblings heated rivalry over the years and how it's driven them to become a couple of the most exceptional surfers on the planet. It's a project the Florida bros have been working on for a fair while already and as part of some of the prizes that are up for grabs, CJ is giving away his ASP World Title trophy (for $25,000), a testament to just how committed they are to making this happen.

While we're at it, we thought you might like to check in with CJ too, from a recent clip in West Oz with Yadin Nicol, reflecting on where he's at in his competitive career and where the future might be taking him.

CJ Hobgood, West Oz.