Motions is a short film clip that captures an epic surfing session at a secret surf spot in the north west of Ireland in the mid 90’s. It was one of those rare Irish days when the sun was shining and the coast was blessed with perfect glassy conditions.

Fortunately, local surfer Aido O Reilly who hails from Ballyshannon, County Donegal captured the session on video and 2 years later produced the clip as part of his underground Irish surfing film ‘Brown Finger’.

No commentary, no bull; just great surfing complemented by great music, the clip features Willie Britton, Richie Fitzgearld, Andy Hill and Gabe Davies, making the most of what the North Atlantic had to offer on that memorable day.

Since then Aido has only shared the film amongst friends and a few lucky strangers. However, thanks to recent technology he has decided to resurrect the film, converting it from vhs to digital and entering Motions into the San Sebastian surf film festibal.

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