Despite not winning any of this season's three big wave world tour events (the others being cancelled due to lack of waves), Greg Long secured the title with a comfortable lead over competitors due to a consistent run of results including two 2nd places (Nelscott Reef Classic and Billabong Pico Alto) and one 3rd place (GoPro Maverick's Invitational). After very nearly drowning earlier in the year at Cortes Bank, it must have felt like a nice confidence booster to finish off the season.

In special attendance at this year's prize-giving ceremony was Dr. Paskowitz who gave what we thought was a pretty entertaining speech about the legendary status of big wave riders. If you missed it, it went something like this:

2012/2013 Big Wave World Tour overall standings:

1. Greg Long, 2155.5

2. Jamie Sterling, 1160.75

3. Carlos Burle, 1150

4. Peter Mel, 1148.75

5. Ken "Skindog" Collins, 826.5