Fox are proud to announce the signing of Eneko Acero to their European Surf Team. Eneko's consummate professionalism and inspirational surfing made him the ideal surfer to complement the current team of international Fox surfers. When Eneko's not wailing down the barrelling walls of Mundaka he'll be spending his time campaigning on the WQS. It's Eneko's extreme athleticism, competitive nature and above all, passion for surfing that caught the attention of the crew at Fox and made him the obvious choice to be an ambassador for Fox surfing in Europe.

Eneko will also be working closely with the team at Fox Europe to scout for upcoming, young surfers throughout Europe to sign them to the Fox Brigade. So all you groms out there, the next time you see a surfer in the lineup with a Fox team sticker on the nose of his board and he's laying it hard on the rail, be sure to paddle up and introduce yourself. Chances are it'll be Eneko.