FYI 'Popo' does not mean po-lice, it means Pauline Ado.

Poporico sounds a bit like 'cocorico', which is the noise a cockeral makes in French (it's French for cock-a-doodle-do).

And finally, no, that's not a swastika on the tail fin. It's the little Basque thingy that looks a lot like a swastika drawn in italic pen in a mirror, but isn't.

Anyhows, now we're cleared all that up, time to tell you about Pauline all set to hit the tour for 2013! Coming off the back of a quarters finish in Newcastle, Pauline is making history as the first French woman to make the tour 3 years in a row... how about that then? Pauline has been getting down at the ASP Banquet ahead of the start of the Roxy Pro, which we are all terrifically excited about. Don't miss it, coz the girl's season is over in about 5 minutes, blink and someone's being crowned World Champ!

Follow Pauline here: @paulineado