It wasn't pretty -- in fact it was downright offensive -- but the blustery, froth-ridden clusterfuck that today constituted the Supertubos line-up somehow just served as the playing field for a very good final of competitive surfing.

It was won by Filipe Toledo, who posted a 10 in the heat's opening two minutes and now climbs to second place in the rankings with his third event win of the year. Here are some ominous statistics for you: he's won every world tour final he's ever surfed in, and he's also posted a 10 in every world tour final he's ever surfed in; his average heat total in world tour finals is 19.1. Fortunately for his world title rivals, both this year and in years to come, certain other statistics are somewhat less ominous, consisting as they do of figures such as 0.0 and 25th and 6ft+.

Toledo's opponent, vanquished 17.83 to 17.13, was compatriot Italo Ferreira, who unlike Toledo rotated in a predominantly backside fashion. One such rotation catapulted him out of the existential abyss known as combo-land and into the upper echelons of the excellent range. I'm hungry and tired and therefore liable to exaggerate, but my first impressions suggested it was every bit as good as Medina's in France.