A European professional surfer has been sighted having a free surf before 11am, a unconfirmed source has said. The surfer, sporting a brand new stick covered in sponsors stickers, and accompanied by a photographer and videographer, entered the water near La Graviere in Hossegor, at approximately 10.25 am.

“It was a real surprise," said Antony Fontaine, who was in the water when the remarkable event went down. “I’ve seen loads of pro surfers surf out there, especially when the waves are good, but I had never seen one out freesurfing before 11 o’clock. It was shocking."

La Graviere, Hossegor

The professional surfer, despite an obvious bedhead and early disorientation, caught quite a few waves, and surfed for a 90 minutes before the wind came up. He was last overhead saying that he thought it probably wasn’t worth getting up so  and that it was time for a nap.