Electric eyewear brand are now equipping many of their sunnies with a new polarized lens of theirs known as their Visual Evolution Polarized Lens, combining the features of their exceptional PC Polarized Lenses with synthetic Melanin and high performance coatings to enhance your visual experience. Synthetic Melanin improves your eyes natural defences and offers added protection against harmful UV rays and blue light.

The V.E. lens also utilizes a 3-layer anti-reflective treatment which is applied to the inner lens to prevent light from reflecting off the back of the lens into the wearer’s eye. It also uses a flash mirror coating to create a soft mirror finish to the base colour of the polarized lens. This treatment does not mask or darken the base colour of the lens and leaves the light transmission virtually unchanged which allows for the natural colour and clarity of the lens to come through.

For more info, visit www.electricvisual.com.