We know, we know, it feels a little premature. You're probably all still savouring 'Slow Dance', slow mo-ing the slow mos. But in case you didn't notice these are fast times folks, and film projects totally disposable. So here's a teaser to Dane and Craig's newest video project 'Dinner For Deux'.

Wine & cheese. Coffee & cakes. Croissants & baguettes. The two free surfing phenoms got to spend a considerable amount of time in France last year indulging in cultural clich├ęs for the shooting of Slow Dance (in Ando's case, enough time to get punched in the face) and recently more time to promote the film and in Dane's case compete in this year's 'CT leg. Off the back of those trips it looks like they've decided to pull a short together.

That's about all we know for now but make sure you stay up-to-date on their Dinner For Deux blog.

[mpora_video id="AAdl6on3zswb"]