Dane Reynolds, who recently celebrated the birth of his first child, has been given a wildcard for the forthcoming Fiji Pro, the waiting period for which begins 7th June. Cue wild excitement on the part of surf fans everywhere! Cue sharp intakes of breath every time he gets to his feet, cue groans of disappointment when he bogs his rail and falls repeatedly. Or cue something nuts like the turn in the video below, cue scratching of heads. Who knows what will transpire? Skip to 1:30 in the video above for the Fiji section of Loaded.

The local trials meanwhile were won by Aca Ravulo, who posted a perfect 10 with this mental Cloudbreak tube. He too will now surf in the main event. The wildcard for the women's event, which starts before the men's on May 31st, went to world junior champ Mahina Maeda.