Waves were ridden right the way into the beach at Bells yesterday as competitors tried to milk out every last drop of scoring potential, persevering through the flatter part of the wave in anticipation of the steeper end-section. This end-section was breaking directly onto the reef, and no one showed more commitment to the cause than Courtney Conlogue in her Round 3 heat against Tyler Wright and Coco Ho. With just seconds to go before the buzzer and in need of a 5.97, Conlogue tried to fit in one last hit -- and succeeded, riding out of it cleanly and straight into a slab of exposed rock. Tyler Wright looked on in concern, and the overweight security guard waiting at the water's edge almost launched himself into the sea to rescue her. But moments later she lifted herself to her feet, emerging miraculously unscathed and with arms aloft, only to find she'd missed out on the score by 0.2.