Everyone with either something to win or lose will be competing in the inaugural edition of the up-coming Cascais Prime event in Portugal. There's those trying to qualify for the Top 32 (namely Aritz Aranburu and Marc Lacomare for the Euros), then there's those CTers trying to stay on tour like Wilko, Bede Durbidge and Brett Simpson, and then there's all those who are trying to maintain points to stay in the Top 100 to be able to compete in next year's Prime events. A fair amount at stake, not to mention the extra 50,000 bucks for the winner of the Portuguese series (Azoes, Peniche and Cascais).

Today was the first day of the waiting period (called off as a lay day) but it looks like there's plenty swell on the way. Hold tight for a compelling finish to this year's Euro leg.

[mpora_video id="AAdm0c5cme7d"]