Peniche, Portugal, 7pm.

For now all is calm and quiet at the Rip Curl Pro Search. Today was a layday, but there were some shiny little bumps up and down the coast. But it won't be quiet for long though.


Met Office pressure chart for the coming swell. Nobody looks at these anymore do they?


Here's one of the other ones with the colours. Yikes!

Everybody's talking about the swell that's coming. Only problem is the wind. Well this is a peninsula, supposed to always be offshore somewhere, right? 


The Peniche Peninsula, as seen from the Surf Europe satellite this afternoon at tea time.


this is a pic of our hotel. Soz if it's shit, but it was taken from outer space!

We headed out of town this morning, took a dirt road and stopped on some cliffs and saw a few little waves. We also saw Howe Wood. Howe Wood drove the coast road here from France, surfing and even finding time to go to some Clubs to socialize on the way. 


Cliffs n waves. Photo: Txomin



Several of the Top 45 surfed this peak today but who wants to see a pic of them? Here's Howe Wood. Photo: Txomin