Step into Big Wave surfing's hurt locker! That's right, it's the category we all most love to perv on, this year's Billabong XXL wipeout nominees. This year's entries include a couple from Mavericks and Teahupoo, plus a lone Euro entry from France's big wave spot Belharra (which Australian charger Jamie Mitchell earned during this winter's exceptional Hercules swell).

Shaun Dollar, Mavericks

If you watched this year's Mavericks Invitational you'll know that Santa Cruz big wave loon and world record holder Shawn Dollar stops at nothing (yep, he's the dude who took off on a Mavs bomb with his inflatable vest already deployed despite the hooter having sounded the end of the final).

Earning last year's biggest paddle award at Cortes Bank with his 61-foot wave, he's also up for this year's Paddle Award again.

[part title="Jamie Mitchell, Belharra"]

Jamie Mitchell, Belharra

Of this wipeout, Australian hellman Jamie Mitchell said, "On the wave I rode, I slipped down and was then sucked back over the falls. It wasn’t a super long hold down, but it was pretty violent and when I came up, and was facing the other way. I turned around and the next wave was even bigger. I was just sitting there knowing no one could help me and I looked in the channel and everyone is just looking at you. I was the full deer in the headlights and there was 60 foot of whitewater coming straight at me. I was just bobbing in the ocean waiting for it to hit me."

[part title="Alex Martins, Mavericks"]

Alex Martins, Mavericks

Martins got so beat on this two wave hold-down in the run-up to this year's Mavericks Invitational, the local Mavs charger then had to pull out of the event.

[part title="Alain Riou, Teahupoo"]

Alain Riou, Teahupoo

Unperturbed by the fact Alain's tow partner Benjamin Sanchis has been knocked unconscious and nearly drowned earlier in the day, the local French Polynesian nut headed straight back out to the lineup to whip into a couple more, one of which was this beast.

[part title="Koa Rothman, Teahupoo"]

Koa Rothman, Teahupoo