With the Billabong XXL Award ceremony set for May 3rd (soz, it's an invitation only affair), organisers have started to whittle down nominees for the 6 different award categories. This year Shane Dorian just happens to be in contention for 4 of them thanks to the insane Jaws bomb he paddled into last October. But how many do you reckon he deserves to walk away with? It's gonna be a tough one for judges considering how epic last year's Cloudbreak session was too. Anyway here's the list of nominees so far. (Nominees for the best wipeout and girls performance awards have not yet been decided.)

Ride Of The Year award

Shawn Dollar at Cortes Bank off California; Shane Dorian and Greg Long at Jaws, Hawaii; and Reef McIntosh and Dave Wassel at Cloudbreak, Fiji.

The Pacifico Paddle award

Grant Baker and Shawn Dollar at Cortes Bank off California; plus Shane Dorian, Matt Meola and Makua Rothman at Jaws.

Biggest Wave award

Danilo Couto at Mullaghmore Head, Ireland; Shawn Dollar at Cortes Bank, California; Shane Dorian at Jaws, Hawaii; Kealii Mamala and Antonio Silva at Nazaré, Portugal.

The Pacifico Tube award

Peter Conroy, Mullaghmore Head; Shane Dorian, Jaws; Reef McIntosh, Cloudbreak; Ramon Navarro, Cloudbreak; Dave Wassel, Cloudbreak.