With very promising forecasts, Santa Marina Gigante - the first big wave contest of the season in Spain - has been announced for Tuesday 28 November 2006. The venue is the classic righthand reef of Santa Marina, located at an island in Somo (Cantabria). Expected wave faces at this spot on next tuesday range between 12-20ft.

Interested competitors can contact the organizer at: {encode="tow-incenter@tow-incenter.com" title="tow-incenter@tow-incenter.com"}.

Depending on wave conditions, another contest called La Vaca Gigante, and will begin on Wednesday 29 or Thursday 30. This spot is an almost unknown bombora in the surroundings of Santander (Cantabria). This event is also organized by www.tow-incenter.com.

Other spots in Northern Spain are expected to reach wave heights beyond 20ft, with light offshore winds. These conditions provide excellent opportunities of capturing a winner photo for www.europeanbiggestwave.com (Buenasolas.com big wave photo contest).

Take your gun and enjoy the ride!!

More info: www.santamarinagigante.com www.tow-incenter.com www.europeanbiggestwave.com www.buenasolas.com