Today a dream came true for me, to surf epic Pe'ahi aka "Jaws." I've always had a passion for surfing big waves and pushing my ability and today that's what I got to do. Huge Mahalo to the Maui boys, @dklegend, @lieberfilms, @shaunwalsh20, my hubby, my dad, @mikenealstudios , @fluid_vision @mikeprickett_ , our babysitter, everyone in the water today and the list goes onnnnnn!!!! Beyond stoked and so very thankful!!! MAHALO???????????? #surfslikeagirl #igotit

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Some twelve years after losing her arm in a shark attack off Kauai, and just six months after the birth of her first child, Bethany Hamilton added another unlikely achievement to a long list of unlikely achievements and surfed Pe'ahi for the very first time.

Generally speaking, these days it ain't really cool to tow -- not unless it's physically too big or too heavy to rely on your arms. When you've only got one arm, of course, your range of paddleable options is considerably restricted, and Hamilton's already pushed those boundaries much further than anyone thought possible. Remarkably, she manages to paddle Pipeline, and indeed surfs it a damn sight better than many of her pro surfer sistren, possessed of two arms but nowhere near the same firepower. Big and windy Jaws, however, which is only borderline paddleable for the men, is a different proposition, and if anyone's earned some motorised assistance, it's her.

Here's the footage, courtesy of the Inertia: