It’s been a busy weekend for the world’s top surfers, as the ASP WQS at Margaret River comes to a close and the top boys land at Bells Beech for the big one. Here’s what went down in the ASP WQS Drug Aware Pro.

Following an exciting and at times controversial contest at Margaret River, Aussie waveriders Dan Ross and Melanie Redman-Carr took the wins at the ASP WQS 6-Star PRIME Drug Aware Pro in Queensland, Western Australia yesterday.

Victory couldn’t be sweeter for Ross, after failing to make the ASP Dream Tour last season, and losing his major sponsors recently, he picked up $20,000 notes, and put himself in a very strong position for requalification this year.

Ross took out Adam Melling in the final, after his fellow Aussie had looked like taking the win early on, following a strong 8.67 ride that he backed up with a solid 6.07. Ross notched up an opening 6.77 score, but then took it home with an awesome 9.43, 20 minutes into the 30-min final. He blitzed it with a powerful performance that included two huge bottom-to-top turns.

Ross was understandably stoked, saying, “I was so pumped to win this event and I can’t believe how good I feel right now. I’ve made the Semifinals the last two years here and I knew coming here I was a really good chance to win. I’ve trained hard leading into this event and it has really paid off for me in a big way."

Ross is currently in fourth place in the ASP WQS Ratings, with Melling in the number one spot, the USA’s Brett Simpson in second, and Dion Atkinson of Australia, third.

In the women’s event Melanie Redman-Carr, formerly of the ASP Dream Tour, and 33 years of age, won her fourth Drug Aware Pro on Saturday, defeating the 17 yr old Hawaiian ripper Coco Ho. In surf hitting up 1.25m (3 to 4 feet), Redman-Carr’s experience and local knowledge allowed her to take the advantage, catching superior waves in the Final and winning comfortably with a combined score of 12.60 to Ho’s 7.67. Ho struggled to find a decent wave, and failed to offer up any major challenge to Redman-Carr, who saw the final out with a clean righthand breaking wave, earning her a 6.77 ride.

Redman-Carr has been runner up twice on the ASP World Tour, but retired this year after giving birth to daughter Willow last season. She’ll be taking home $4000 in prize money, not bad for a week’s work. She now sits in the number two spot, behind Sofia Mulanovich.

Check out the top ten’s after this event:

Melling,Adam AUS Simpson,Brett USA Atkinson,Dion AUS Ross,Daniel AUS Paulino,Pablo BRA Polo,Marco BRA Wright,Owen AUS Zubizarreta,Gony ESP Silva,Jean da BRA Thompson,Jay AUS

In the girls the Top 10 are Mulanovich,Sofia PER Redman-Carr,Melanie AUS Ho,Coco HAW Pellizzari,Ornella ARG Donohoe,Amee AUS Hareb,Paige NZL Keighran,Angela AUS Sanchez,Amandine FRA Bevilacqua,Claire AUS Curren,Lee Ann FRA Moore,Carissa HAW