Over the last two weeks three sizey North Atlantic swells saw European big wave gladiators suit up and get busy in search of Billabong XXL nominations.

Over several days tow teams were seen whipping each other into big wave spots such as Belharra, Playa Gris, Roca Puta and a new break called Isla Pancha in Spain

Belharra 2009 16 et 18 janvier - Surf France - Big surf - Giant waves - tempete 2009 - vagues géantes - extreme - trailer - fat from Bernard Auriol on Vimeo.

But with just two months remaining in the yearlong period for the Ninth Annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards it’s hard to imagine any Euros trumping entries from Australia’s top riders, including Ryan Hipwood's drop at Shipstern's.

Ryan Hipwood, Shipstern's : photo Rodd Owen/Billabong XXL

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