Bloody hell! Looks like there's a fairly beefy swell in the post for most of Europe (when I say most, Devon and Cornwall should be around 3ft and closing out...). A friend called today who lives in a big Central European city and said, "I need a surf, my wife has left me for another man." He said 'another man' like James Blunt when he sings 'With another man-aahhh'. I said come and stay for a few days, let's drive around SW France and N Spain pretending we want a 12ft keg. He said OK. His spirits lifted a bit, just by the swell. They needed to, I mean, they've got two kids. He said he'd better go and book the flight and the hire car down from Bordeaux and I said, 'Yeah. Just don't top yourself, before the swell.' 'No way' came the earnest reply.

Swells save lives and mend broken hearts.