The first round of the Drug Aware Pro ran last night and after his Round 1 match up against Yadin Nical and Bede Durbidge (which sent him to Round 2), Kelly Slater confirmed that the Quik split was no April Fools' joke in his post-heat interview. That's right, it's official. Kelly and Quik are no longer!

But how's the bit at the end where Kelly, as an after thought, apologises if some people may have mistakenly taken the news as an April fools joke? You reckon he was being sincere there? Or, as he says at the beginning of the interview, had the 11-time champ perhaps not been secretly cherishing the moment to pull off yet another of his notorious mind games and, in this case, a wholly successful PR stunt. On what exactly is next for Kelly now, well, we'll just have to wait and see what's up with his whole Kering Group deal.