In a press release issued yesterday, the ASP has confirmed that an anti-doping policy will be introduced on tour for 2012 in order to evolve "the sport of surfing to a more professional level," said Richard Grellman, ASP Executive Chairman. The announcement had long been awaited by many, especially following the untimely loss of 3-time World Champion Andy Irons in 2010.

For now, the anti-doping policy will only concern the ASP Men's Top 34 and Women's Top 17. In accordance with the ASP International Rulebook, the official anti-doping policy now stipulates that doping control may be carried out at anytime during ASP Events on a No Advance Notice basis with the Prohibited List being that of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).

According to Kieren Perrow, ASP Top 34 surfers’ representative, the men were all in favour of the implementation, adding “It is a positive step which enhances the professionalism of competitive surfing and sends a great message to the kids out there who look up to us as role models."

To view the new ASP Anti-Doping Policy in detail go to: aspantidopingpolicy.pdf