While Billabong pulled the pin last minute on their specialty tow event at Mullaghmore Head (because they thought the winds were going to go bad), event organisers of the Punta Galea Challenge have decided to give the Spanish big wave get-together the go ahead today. The forecast light southerly offshore winds coupled with the peak of the swell looked very promising but with no live webcast to speak of we'll just have to wait and see. With Chile's Ramon Navarro showing up as a special guest for the event, European big wave charges entering the event are thought to include:


Axi Muniain (Gip)

Indar Unanue (Gip)

Jon Garai (Biz)

Eneko Acero (Biz)

Pablo Solar (Cant)

Natxo González (Biz)

Adur Letamendia (Gip)


Jaime Fernández (Biz)

Ibon Amatriain (Gip)

Luis Rodríguez (Gal)

Ander Mendiguren (Biz)

RED BULL (1 surfer)


Joao De Macedo (Port)

Eric Rebiere (Fra)

Andrew Cotton (Irl)

Pilou Ducalme (Fra)

Al Mennie (Irl)

Alex Bothelo (Port)

Francisco Porcella (Ita)


Tom Buttler (Eng)

Benjamin Sanchis (Fra)

Tom Lowe (Eng)