Without wanting to cause a ruckus, as far a beach cleanliness and environmental awareness go it's pretty fair to say Spain as a whole has got a fair bit further to go than most. We're not like saying the rest are perfect but you know... Anyways, the great news is that loveable Basque tube hound Aritz Aranburu has officially stepped onboard with Surfrider Foundation. The former WCTer will be using his significant media presence and strong following to spread awareness about the foundation's causes while also taking part in their coastal conservation projects.

"During my travels, I am constantly called to mind the progressive degradation of the coastlines and oceans: it is this observation that motivates my involvement with Surfrider Foundation Europe. This commitment includes especially the Ocean Initiatives, because as a surfer, with a passion for the ocean, I am confronted daily with the problem of ocean pollution and marine litter."

[mpora_video id="AAdid3azpwvm"]

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