The North Atlantic just keeps a-cranking out the lows with no visible end in sight. So much so that we've more or less given up trying to distinguish one swell from the next. But since Hercules and the coastal carnage it inflicted, unfavourable west winds have battered Western Europe with hail storms and storm surf. Out of desperation to surf, some folk have even been driven to river surfing just to find a ride-able wave.

Fortunately this trend looks to change come this Sunday/Monday, with the south winds due to pick up again. And with another powerful, extended pulse of swell set to hit this weekend, everyone's wondering how big it's going to be and what the best options are for a long-awaited shred.

Unlike Hercules, when the swell hits Saturday so will the storm's gale force winds - while that often tends to skew wave heights, at a peak period of 19 seconds they'll still be more than enough energy out there. Add to that  another big tidal range and there's potential for yet more coastal damage and destruction, for the UK especially, with the wind then swinging south on Sunday and into Monday. Right now it looks like sheltered corners along the north coast of Spain will be one of the best bets right through to the end of next week. Happy shredding!