No true surprises at this year's Surfer Poll Awards - Kelly takes his 18th win.

“Obviously I’m stoked, its been a long time with a lot of support from a lot of people," said Slater. “It’s nice to be recognized by the surfing community and to come out at the top position. I’m surprised John John didn’t get first. I also thought Dane was going to get it this year — maybe next year. I think they split each other’s votes. They stole the election from each other."

If you watch the showreel, you may wonder how John John missed out on the number 1 spot too.

A word should also be said for Gabes Medina, this year's AI breakthrough performer and number 4 - the first Brazilian to ever break the top 10. Still no Euros in sight though.


Top 10 Men

1. Kelly Slater

2. John John Florence

3. Dane Reynolds

4. Gabriel Medina

5. Mick Fanning

6. Joel Parkinson

7. Julian Wilson

8. Taj Burow

9. Jordy Smith

10. Owen Wright

Top 5 Women

1. Steph Gilmore

2. Alana Blanchard

3. Coco Ho

4. Carissa Moore

5. Sally Fitzgibbons

AI Breakthrough Performer Presented by New Era

Gabriel Medina

Movie of the Year

Dear Suburbia by Kai Neville

Best Performance

Dane Reynolds, Dear Suburbia

Heavy Water

Shane Dorian

Best Barrel

Reef McIntosh, Fiji Freight Trains

Worst Wipeout

Mark Mathews, Fighting Fear

Short of the Year

Electric Blue Heaven, by Joe G

Agent of Change

Jack Shimko and Paddle2Live