Clean and small conditions in the morning of the race day, fun for the Sprokets start in La Sud, Hossegor! Guilherme Ribeiro flaring.

La Sud International Speedway hosted the Hossegor Grand Prix last weekend for the races to crown the European Totally Crustaceous Tour champions. Surfers from Portugal, France, UK, the Basque country and the Spanish peninsula gathered in the famous French town of Hossegor for the comp. Check out the video round-up and results below for a full taste of what was an epic day of fun!


All day wetsuit frothing special award: Stanley Norman

Tailpipes (Squids 10-)

1-Stanley Norman (UK) 200€

2-Noa Dupuy (Fr)

3-Loic Blouin (Fr)

4-Alfonso Antunes (Pt)

5-Luan Nogues (Fr)

6-Jose Ribeiro (Pt)

Marco Mignot won the Sprokets division with some impressive surfing.

Sprokets (Groms 13-)

1-Marco Mignot (Fr) 600€ trip to the global TCT Champs

2-Erwan Blouin (Fr) 200€

3-Nalu Doutres (Fr) 100€

4-Guilherme Ribeiro (Pt) 100€

Tail Gaters (Juniors 16-)

1-Quentin Grenard (Fr) 700€ trip to the global TCT Champs

2-Thomas Delplace (Fr) 400€

3-Joao Moreira (Pt) 200€

4-Jonas Bachan (Fr) 100€

Spoilers (Girls 20-)

1-Ainara Aymat (Euk) 600€ trip to the global TCT Champs

2-Ana Morau (Fr) 200€

3-Camilaa Kemp (Pt) 100€

4-Ariane Ochoa (Fr) 100€

Aldric God claimed victory in the Lug Nuts division, he's ready for another go at the Newport 500 global Champs.

Lug Nuts (ProAm 20-)

1-Aldric God (Fr) 1000€ trip to the global TCT Champs

2-Paul Cesar Distinguin (Fr) 700€ trip to the global TCT Champs

3-Jobe Harris (UK) 400€

4-Charly Quivront (fr) 400€

Racing officials, Volcom drivers and pit crew.