albee layer injured at jaws

albee layer injured at jaws

Albee Layer A.K.A. @johnjohn_slater, whose Instagram is usually a trove of mirth and hilarity, took to the social media platform just a few hours ago to broadcast the distressing news that he'd been beaten up by his beloved Jaws. Fortunately the damage is of a superficial and temporary nature; he posted the above photo accompanied by the following reassurance:

"So I'm alive and luckily no fractures in my neck or spine tons or muscle and other damage but nothing that will stop me from a quick recovery. I feel like jaws owes me one now. Really hope there's a redemption swell before the year ends. Thanks to @kurtischongkee and the boys for keeping us safe. Till next time."

And then, a hour or so later, this photo of the wave responsible, along with: "Let's never do that again."

Photo: @acl_cinema

albee layer jaws wipeout

The long list of concerned Insty well-wishers included Bede Durbo, Jack Freestone, Brad Gerlach, Taylor Steele, even six-year old wonder grom Quincy Symonds A.K.A. @theflyingsquirrel__, who wrote:

"Speedy recovery legend!!!!! Your surfing is awesome!!!"

It's been a wild few days for the Hawaiian. He flew back from Mavericks specially for the Eddie, calculating he'd pull up at Waimea just in time to sling on a jersey and paddle out for the start of his heat. There was nothing doing at the Bay yesterday morning so the Eddie was red-flagged; most groaned with disappointment, but Albee, who by this time had touched down on Maui, held tight and waited for the swell to fill in at Pe'ahi. Footage is on its way, but in the meantime, this!

Eddie prep phase 2 @ian.walsh @donkeyshow @gerglong @shanedorian

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