Jed and Vaughan are back to wrap up the Quiky Pro in a neat package and speculate on the contents of Bells, in the latest episode of Ain't That Swell. Here's what they got for ya:

"The 'Surfing Yobbo' aka Matt Wilkinson takes out the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast. But is Matt Wilkinson really 'not pretty' enough, as nation-wide Australian Newspaper, put it? Jed and Vaughan don masks and enter the media shitstorm. 

"Still on the Quik Pro, we talk Stu Kennedy, Slater Designs and the 'Sci-Phi,' Tyler Wright's emotional victory and much more.

"After Mick Fanning and Mikey Wright were snapped dropping in on the Supbarbank, we answer the question: when do you have the right to drop in (spoiler: being a 13 year old French pro junior twerp does not give you that right).

"We put our weight behind the Save South Straddie campaign, Jed Get's Angry, a special interview with the man known only as, The Nightrider, and much, much more."