Vaughan-Dead spends a week in Bali, too afraid to even set foot outside his "utopian prison cell" of a villa, before reminiscing about the Bali of old and ask what's become of our favourite little surf island?

Sea of Darkness, the greatest surf film you've never seen, tells the story of G-Land pioneer, Mike Boyum and his merry band of drug smugglers. We retrace this incredible surf film. Still on surf films, will Globe and Joe G's Shang Ri La become the next Endless Summer? And what of the state of surf films today?

The Islamic Brotherhood descends on an obscure island in the Maldives to kick out a bunch of Israeli surfers. With Greg Webber's plans to build a wave pool back in the news Jed and Vaughan give you the Short History of Wave Pools IN SONG!

How many more trees have to get wasted before the great hipster-panic goes and fucks itself?

And finally, in light of Great Britain's best ever surfer, Russell Winter getting arrested for wielding a giant sword at someone, it's time to look at the top five surfers with a criminal record.