Picture 32

Bourez duck n' weave. Photo: RabbiJacob

Today, long day. Sun rise to sun down, with a King o' Grom high tide shaped break in the afternoon. The dregs of Rd2 were done in early doors, then the entirety of Rd3 put to bed as Owen smoked Tiags at the death of the light this evening.

Here are the headlines:

- KELLY smashed Ramzi B and looked rudely in form.

- JORDY bat Big Dane, but only just. Dane was injured first, btw.

- MICK lost to Taylor in a heat when waves were scarcer than scarce.

- OWEN pummeled SACA

- JAY DUB diddled Pupo

- MIMI beat KaiOttz but hobbled out early and it looked like the troublesome right ankle.

- MICHEL eased past KP

- TAJ somehow got passed TRAVelLOG (iffy score)

The sun was out and shining bright most of the day. Tonight, matey flew over in his parachute with a fan thingy. Lots of crowd, a fair bit of po na naa.

Picture 30

Dane 'sweet Jane' R, you may be tubby, but by God you're sexy. Anyhows, as Orange Guy once said, "fat birds try 'arder" Dane lost to Jordy today. Photo: Rabejac

Picture 31

Patti Gudang lost to Acey B. Pat is the best Pat ever to surf on the world tour, with Pat OConnel in second. Photo: Chaucesku

Waves: C

Weather: C+

Judging: B+ except Taj's howler

Clunge: B

Stephen Fry: C- over exposed (wasn't there today)

David Coultard's (wasn't there either) white jeans: S (for shit)

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