She's only 11, she's about to compete against the world's best for 6000 WQS points, and she intends to spend her prize-money on donuts.

Meet Sabre Norris.

The waiting period for the inaugural Sydney International Women's Pro QS 6000 begins today, and the 11-year-old from Newcastle, NSW, finds herself on the list of competitors thanks to a wildcard spot awarded her by event organiser Sally Fitzgibbons.

The idea of the Sydney International Women's Pro, says the former world title runner-up and current world no. 8, is "to champion our Aussie beach culture" -- something the young wildcard Norris so far seems to be doing a good job of. When Sabre appeared on Australia's Today Show to discuss the contest, she more than lived up to her name, rinsing her old man on live TV with a series of ruthless barbs.

''My dad was an athlete but now he's pretty fat. He used to eat like two litres of ice cream every single night. Then he used to get angry at mum because she didn't use to buy it for him... Then he had to suck his gut in for photos. But he's lost 20kg since Christmas after seeing me eat healthy after being inspired by Sally – now he's just eating cucumbers.''