By: Brian Conley Length: 59 mins Music: Michael Eaton, Resination, Kate Earl, Bushmasters This video is sick. We’re talking mind-blowing stuff, full of crazy helmet and tail cam images from some of the world’s premier shack zones. Conley has put together an excellent flick, just pit after pit after pit shot from the inside, he calls it, ‘Tubevision.’ We call it: Mental. The guy gets so barrelled it’s absolutely ridiculous. Following up from his first autobiographic tube movie, he shows up at hollow surfspots and negotiates his skinny ass frame through the heaviest of shacks in locales ranging from Indo, West Oz, Mexico and Polynesia. MYWD2 mightn’t necessarily improve your tube work as such, but it will make you privy to views normally reserved for only a select few mortals. Let’s say it once more; It’s very good and it’s very highly recommended.