You probably remember the story of Brett Archibald, the South African surfer who survived 29 hours out to sea after he fell out of the boat on his way to the Mentawais. The 60 Minutes tv program in Australia has just done a story on his survival and the amateur footage capturing Brett's rescue and him recounting his tale on the boat is pure gold. Just some of his memorable quotes include;

"I didn’t even remember falling. I woke up and thought I was in the boat with someone pouring water all over me. Then I saw the tender and the light of the boat, and thought shit, no one has saw that."

"I fucking love Australians (his rescuers). I am moving there tomorrow."

"They say drowning is a great way to die. Well I’ll tell ya that is bullshit."

"That’s a seagull mark (pointing to a scratch above his eye). It was trying to peck my eyes out. I tried to rip its ears and head off."

"At first light I wanted to end it. I was just broken."

"Seagulls, reefsharks, jellyfish, you name it, they were out to get me. "

Brett went on to join his mates on the boat trip and after a few days recuperation was back in the water, this time with a surfboard and enjoying himself. As the guys who found him first yell in the video. "You're a machine"