When not producing gritty dramas, the Danes also produce surfers like this.

Hi Chris, can you describe the Denmark surf scene?

It's a small scene, almost everybody knows each other, but surfing has become way more known in Denmark lately, so it's getting bigger for sure. However there is only around 1000 Danish surfers in total right now I guess.

So do you know every single Danish surfer?

(Laughs) Yeah most of them. I don't know that many guys from the East Coast or  Jylland though. But yeah it's a surprise to see new faces in the line up.

Danish people are famous for being tall? Is Wes Laine Denmark's favourite surfer?

The Vikings were tall, but I’m only 5’11". Wes Laine is living in States I think, but I have never surfed with him though.

Danish TV is taking over the world, with The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge etc.  Is it true that every second person in Denmark is a serial killer?

It is taking over the world, they have won so many awards for those series. But I hope not every second person in Denmark is a serial killer. That would be a pure killerness.

Who would you rather end up in a dark warehouse with; Sarah Lund or Birgitte Nyborg?

NONE of them.

Describe a typical surf session in Denmark.

Where I come from in Denmark most of the time it will be one, two or three foot, with onshore wind and short period wind swell. It is cold most of the year and sloppy waves, but we also have good days if you want to drive a bit, especially to Sweden’s reef breaks. They goes off in the right storms.

Scrap Indo, Denmark is the place to be.

Who is the best Danish surfer ever.  Is it you?

Hmm I guess so. I have won the Danish Championship three times, I am the first Dane competing on the WQS and the youngest surfer ever to win The Danish Championship title. We do have a Good SUP Surfer who also competes internationally and my little bro is going on the Pro-Juniors this summer. So that’s pretty much it.

Does being a surfer in Denmark help you pull chicks?

Hmm yeah I think so. I have met people in Copenhagen (there’s no surf there) who only says they "surf" because they want to pull chicks or rock their hipster clothes. So yeah you probably can pull chicks being a surfer in DK.

Is it possible to make a living being a surfer, or does everyone have to work on gritty TV dramas?

Yeah it’s difficult for sure, even the pro skateboarders/snowboarders in Denmark have a hard time making it. You have to do good in competitions and show your sponsor logos on TV Programs if you want to get paid a little bit. And also be lucky to even have a sponsor who wants to throw money at you.

Chris all stickered up.

Do people take you seriously when you say you are a Danish surfer?

Haha, in Denmark it’s weird, people think you are a windsurfer or a sailor because that’s what people used to do a lot up here. But I think the young people in Denmark now a days knows what you are talking about when you say you are a surfer.

Complete the sentence: I am Chris and I... am 21 years old, from Denmark in Europe. I have surfed/lived in Denmark my whole life and know what a serious brain-freeze feels like after all these years in the cold waters. I do love to travel and I spend much time out of Denmark, looking for some real waves and sunny weather.

Living in Denmark requires a significant amount of flying time.