As we're sure you're aware, yesterday Brett Simpson and Aritz Aranburu disposed of Medina and Slater in a crazy hour at Supertubos. Both world no's 1 and 2 got sold for twenty pieces of silver and were awarded equal Judases. That's equal 13th.

Surfboards were abused in the aftermath. But neither of them hung themselves from an olive tree.

Then, Rosie caught up with the World 1 and 2 for some insight...

"I was ready to win here, but I'm also ready for Hawaii" said Medina.

Meanwhile Slater pretends he doesn't know that the title race isn't over. Come on son, pull the other one...

"I'm out of the Title race, right...? Oh? Really, OK..."

Meanwhile, the event is on today. I mean, 'It's On'!

Who but who will win?

What's that you say? 'Unless it's John John.... who cares?'

Fair enough.