6 minutes and 35 seconds to be precise, on the tidal bore known as the Bono, which breaks along the Kampar River in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Bit of a leg burner, no? You can always have a sit-down halfway through, as Marlon decides to do in the second video, below, on a wave that clocks in at a paltry 4 minutes and 13 seconds. Both waves pale in comparison to old Steve King's heroic exploits, both here on the Bono and at home in the UK on the Severn Bore. "I rode the Bono a few years back with some friends from the Uk for just under 13 miles," says Steve, "which took 1 hour and six minutes which is the current record on the Bono. We also rode the Severn here for an hour and seventeen minutes which clocked up over 9 miles." That was from a comment on the Surf Europe website itself, underneath our feature on the World's 7 Longest Surf Rides. Needless to say we felt honoured. And Steve's no bullshitter either -- the man's in the Guinness Book of Records!

Are you vaguely intrigued/faintly amused/wildly aroused by the phenomenon of river surfing? You may be interested to know that the Severn Bore was off its tits recently due to the massive tides.